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Self-Help Store

You must have your ID to pick up any item. Most items that are maintained in parts inventory are available to customers with the following exceptions:

  • No hardwired-in electrical components will be issued.
  • No poisonous materials will be issued.
  • No items that are potentially explosive or could be used as explosive material will be issued.
  • Nothing that is by its nature hazardous, toxic or flammable will be issued.
  • No chemicals, fertilizer, pesticides, etc.

Available Items

This is a partial list and is subject to change. If you are moving and have completed your preliminary inspection, you may only receive paint, painting supplies, spackling, grass seed, and top soil. Any post preliminary inspection repairs and materials are your responsibility.

Please review the items below that are available for pick up during normal business hours.


Incandescent, Fluorescent & Appliance
Due to the large variety of light bulbs,
bring the old bulbs with you


Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector, Garage Remote

Outlet Covers

Switch Plate, Electrical Wall Outlet Plate


Dishwasher Utensil Basket, Appliance Knobs

Kitchen Sink

Drain Stopper and Strainer


Broiler Pan and Burner Drip Pan
Must bring the old pans with you

Oven Range

Range Hood Filter
Must bring the old one for sizing


Household blinds
Must bring the old one for sizing

Paint Supplies

Interior Paint-Brush, Roller, Pan
We do not provide tarps

Key Cutting

Max 4 keys per house
Not made on weekends or after 4:45pm

Air Filter

HVAC Filter
Must know size or bring the old one


Grass Seed

Seasonal Items

Mulch, Topsoil, Driveway Salt

Toilet Seat

Replacement Toilet Seat

Bathroom Accessories

Toilet Plunger

Equipment Loan

As a courtesy we offer equipment for short-term loaning on a “first-come, first-serve” basis.

Appliance Dolly

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning machine and supplies

Lawn Care Equipment

Snow Shovel

  • Self Help Store

    6931 Chapel Lane, Dayton, Ohio 45431


  • Store Hours

    Tuesday through Friday: Noon to 1800
    Saturday: 0800 to 1400
    Sunday and Monday:
    Closed all major holidays